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Best Restaurants for Vegans in Montréal Canada

Best Restaurants for Vegans in Montréal Canada

Traveling can be a little uneasy, especially when you have dietary restrictions. My husband and I travel to experience other cultures, and food is a HUGE element of every culture. Thankfully, while in Montréal, we found several restaurants that offer DELICIOUSLY creative vegan options. We were able to eat meals at every hour of the day in every part of the city! From smoothies to salads, burgers, and fries, Montréal truly has everything to offer.

The following list of restaurants is in no particular order and includes fast-food restaurants, upscale restaurants, and bars!

La Cage - Sports Bar

If you're a sports gal/guy, this place is located conveniently downtown with tons of high top tables and televisions. We tried the Beyond Burger (no aioli) with a side salad.

Tim Hortons

While there is some confusion over the biscuit being vegan at Tim Hortons, their Timatin breakfast sandwich can be ordered on a bagel instead of the biscuit. We decided to live on the wild side and trust the biscuit was indeed vegan. Let's not forget the hashbrown; no breakfast sandwich is complete without a hashbrown. I'm not going to lie; the meal was so good I danced with every bite I took!

Copper Branch

I don't even know where to begin. Copper Branch is absolutely hands down one of the best fast food joints I've been to in a while. I don't even know where to begin. I ate there for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. I tried the cheesecake, a brownie, two different smoothies (Einstein and Gandhi), a breakfast wrap, and a teriyaki sandwich. Not a single item I tasted disappointed me. Next time you are in Montréal Canada, you must go to Copper Branch. You won't regret it, I promise.

Pub BreWskey

We stumbled upon this pub after exploring Old Montréal. We were pretty hungry and wanted something to eat/drink ASAP. We saw the word "vegan" and walked right in. LOL. The chili was decent, and the drink menu was extensive.


I know what you're thinking, really A&W? Hear me out. We enjoy hitting the night scene while traveling. Often we are stuck with zero vegan food options when we leave bars late at night. Thankfully A&W is open 24hrs and offers a beyond burger. Make sure you order it with no mayo and a side of fries.

Dirty Dog

Another late night joint with a speakeasy hiding behind a secret wall. Shhhhh... Don't anyone I told you. They play dope music from lunch until 3:00 AM! You can order any item on the menu as a vegan burger or a vegan hotdog. We tried the Memphis Burger, Bin Hot Poutine Fries, and the Memphis Vegan Dog. I wasn't a fan of the poutine fries because I am not a huge fan of gravy. However, there was no way I was leaving Montreal without trying poutine fries. My husband enjoyed his hot dog, and I thought the bun for the burger was one of the best vegan buns I've had in a very long time. Fair warning, their food is exceptionally feeling.


I have one word for you, lasagna! No correction I have two words for you dumplings and lasagna. You guys know I am incredibly picky when it comes to vegan cheese. The cheese on the lasagna was so dang good, and the portion size was perfect. We ordered two rounds of dumplings because yes they were that darn good. Oh, goodness and the caesar salad! Ladies and gentleman, I practically liked the salad bowl clean.

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