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Vegan Places to Eat While in London

Vegan Places to Eat While in London

Where to eat in London.

Of my biggest fears when it comes to traveling is, what in the world am I going to eat? Recently, I began traveling with a small blender which allows me to blend soft fresh fruit for breakfast. I have never been the biggest band of "breakfast food" so smoothies are my preference. However, one of the greatest joys of traveling is experiencing new foods. Things get a little tricky when you tried to explain to your waiter that you don't eat, dairy, or eggs. Using words like"vegan" is often completely out of the question. I have learned that informing the waiter that I have a dairy and egg allergy it is incredibly helpful. Restaurants seem more attentive when I tell them I am allergic to something.

Hopefully, my list of restaurants in London makes your journey even more enjoyable. If there are some great restaurants I left off the list, please let me know. I would hate to miss out on delicious vegan food the next time I visit Europe.

STK London (Breakfast)

Yes, I wrote that correctly.  A steak place that has vegan options and I'm not talking about an everyday house salad. We had the pleasure of dining at STK inside of the ME London Hotel for breakfast. I sampled the: avocado toast, chia pudding, and breakfast tea. The avocado toast was different from what I expected. The avocado was whipped with a lemon olive oil and topped off with red pepper flakes. I was impressed by the chia pudding because there was no added sugar: just chia seeds, almond milk, and a raspberry purée. Yum!


Dim T

A stylish and contemporary restaurant with vegan options such as spicy vegetables, a superfood teriyaki stir fry with tofu, Kung Pow tofu, Thai yellow curry, and a vegetable salad. I opted for the spicy broccoli stir fry, pak choi (AKA bok choy) and steamed rice. The plate sizes are small. However, it doesn't take much to get full off of vegetables and rice. Besides, the restaurant has a beautiful view of the river and the Tower Bridge.


By Chloe

Imagine my surprise, when I arrived in London (starving by the way), typed in vegan food on yelp to discover there was a Chloe restaurant less than a mile away. Holy smokes. I have dined at the restaurant often in New York and think I am legitimately addicted to the Quinoa Taco Salad. Of course, that's what I ordered while in London as well. My husband sampled the Fish & Chips. Seeing as though there were no leftovers for me to try, I think it is safe to assume that he enjoyed them. We were also supposed to share a Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie; he saved me a small corner. The cookie texture was stellar and not overly sweet. I wanted to try the macaroni and cheese with shiitake mushroom bacon, but when I got back to my room, I discovered it was topped with parsley. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. PARSLEY! I managed to taste a few pieces of macaroni and shiitake bacon that were not contaminated by the parsley, lol, I was a fan. That shiitake bacon needs to find its way on EVERY menu. It had a perfect crunch and excellent taste.


Temple of Seiten

A 100% vegan fast food restaurant located in Camden. It was long a journey from our hotel on foot, but it was a necessity. I opted for the: Temple Burger, popcorn bites, French fries, a cinnamon roll, hot chocolate, croissant, chipotle mayo, and original hot sauce. Yes, I ordered all of it and ate all of it. Stop judging me! Everything was fantastic. Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the chipotle mayo (I like my chipotle spicy), I could see why some people enjoy it. My personal favorite was, of course, the original hot sauce. It had a tangy taste to it and kind of reminded me of a spicy barbecue sauce. Typically when I think of hot chocolate, I think of processed cocoa with tons of sugar. The hot chocolate from this restaurant was creamy and tasted like pure dark chocolate. Perfection. * A tip - add mustard to your Temple Burger, it’s a game changer! 


Natural Kitchen

 A beautifully designed contemporary restaurant that serves natural/healthy food and fresh beverages. One of my favorite things about this restaurant was noticing that fresh herbs were growing via hydroponics hanging from the ceiling. Talk about fresh food. We randomly discovered and decided to dine at Natural Kitchen midday for lunch. I enjoyed a hearty wild mushroom, lentil, and vegetable spaghetti. I was presently surprised by this dish. The chef allowed the fresh vegetables and herbs to season the dish. I was able to taste fresh basil, wild mushrooms and delicious marinara with every bite.

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